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Hundred of thousands of human lives are lost every year in conflict throughout the world. In 1996 there are roughly forty violent and armed conflicts across The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This conflict situation is worsened by the proliferation of illicit firearms and the high poverty rates. In many areas in DRC, development has remained at near standstill for years. The Congo Yetu Initiative (CYI) strongly believes in collaborative approaches and the engagement of both state and non-state actors in the search for lasting peace and enhances human security and development. CYI, therefore, maintains an open door policy, which enables it to interact and consult with government officials, including diplomats, opposition groups, media correspondents, ecumenical organizations, women's groups and a variety of civil society organizations in DRC and Africa .

The Congo Yetu Initiative is a non- profit organization and was established in March 2002, as a permanent manual operation to improving sustainable the quality of the local Government, Public service and the quality of human relation.

The Congo Yetu Initiative is not affiliated with any political party or Government. It is an intellectually, conscious and mental independent body. The CYI works to promote Peace, Democracy and Human Rights, Unite and Gender, Sustainable Development, Local Government and Public service reform initiative.

The Congo Yetu Initiative work is based in the fundamental principle that all humanity, regardless of their differences, is the purpose and justification for the existence of society, and all human activity in any given society. This philosophy demands that communities everywhere should enjoy and develop themselves within the context of freedom and democracy based upon good governance and social justice.

The CYI believes that people are central to any process of development; therefore, their culture, needs, aspirations, desires, and fears must set the development agenda. That development agenda is legitimated through the people's active participation in all decisions concerning their lives and live hoods. The absolute necessity for equity of access to resources opportunities for prosperity, personal fulfillment, basic rights and community advancement must inform the process at all times.

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