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Decreased health spending by governments, the privatization of health services, and the lack of universal access to affordable health care have negatively impacted on the health of people in many African countries. The HIV/AIDS virus has had a devastating impact on the African continent, and women and children are extremely vulnerable. Although most countries reported having had effective awareness campaigns on prevention of HIV/AIDS, the pandemic has posed serious challenges to the implementation of initiatives aimed at promoting women's and children health, as awareness campaigns will failed to capture the gender aspects of the crisis.

Congo Yetu Initiative (CYI) as organisation, which prioritize under HIV/AIDS program the following areas of women's health:

•  Provision for training local, regional and national officials, as well as leaders of co-operatives, associations and NGOs, so that they can oversee and support community heart programmes.

•  Monitoring health care provision and delivery systems for women especially primary care.

•  Advocacy and campaigning for gender sensitive health care delivery systems.

•  Partnerships with health care providers for awareness raising and education about gender sensitive health care provision.

•  Institutional support and capacity building for community based health care providers.


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