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In many countries, societal attitudes and behaviours remain entrenched and the rights that have been gained are being eroded by the rise of conservatism and fundamentalism. There are now universal standards in place, which provide a framework for human rights among the international community. Several African government have made commitments to these standards of best practice trough international conventions and agreements. The African Movement is trying to hold States accountable to their obligations under regional and International covenants aimed at guaranteeing human rights.

The Congolese have been unstable for while, all these time they have been deprived of basic human rights. They had to fend for the very core of rights it self, the rights of life. There is a tremendous death of human rights culture in DRC. In the absence of people's awareness of their rights and how to demand them, it is inconceivable that there can be genuine election taking place.

There is serious need to raise people's awareness of their rights. We call the international community to support initiatives in this regard, both technically and financially. This is urgent as people should be prepared, no matter which route the process takes; whether there would be elections or not.

In order to maximize impact and add value to existing initiatives, CYI will work to prioritize the following areas:

•  Eradication of discrimination and violations of human rights trough legal and policy reform.

•  Protecting and Promoting Human Rights.

•  Monitoring policies and Legislation which infringe upon Human Rights

•  Training in Leadership and Advocacy for public advocates on Human Rights.

•  To raise awareness of Human Rights, Constitutional Issues in the citizens of DRC.

•  To raise awareness of the citizens on various types of Electoral Systems, what are participatory electoral systems, electoral process, minimum conditions for holding elections, electoral legal framework, political party financing, and basic economic policy issues.

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